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About Click Abortion Clinic

The best time to terminate without any issues and complications is within the first eight or so weeks of pregnancy. This a time when the fetus cannot survive outside the mother's womb. In fact the baby is not formed in the real sense of the word. Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, and the doctor knows how many weeks along the pregnancy is, and you have decided to end the pregnancy, the procedure offered typically reflects your stage of gestation. Early terminations can be accomplished medically or surgically.  

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Women Abortion Clinic 

  Having an abortion is not an easy decision that is why we have made it easy for you and provided several ways of booking an appointment. Appointments may be made anytime of the day Monday - Sunday. Should you require the abortion to be delivered to you we shall have a secure parcel privately enclosed and sent to your address.

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