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New Abortion Clinic

Enjoy Full Access to Abortion Pills and Free Delivery. Quick and Friendly Environment. Guaranteed Abortion Privacy.

Women Clinic in Mzansi

Offering Very Reliable Termination of Pregnancy. 100% Will Work. Walk- Ins Available. Cheap and Most Effective.

Pills & Surgical Option‎

Safe. Private. Female Staff. No waiting. Non-judgmental. Abortion Pills. Women's Clinic. Unplanned Pregnancy? Make an appointment Now.

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Pregnancy Termination Clinics in Johannesburg‎

Abortions for Unwanted Pregnancies Up To 26 Weeks. Choice on Termination of Pregnancy is yours. 30% Off from 0-12 Weeks. 100% Success 

Number 1 Abortion Clinic in the Area Near You

. We Offer a Wide Range of Termination from 0-26 Weeks. Home abortion side effect. Pills Same Day Delivery.

Top Abortion Doctor in Cities Around Gauteng 

Private Clinic, No Waiting, Aspiration/Pill, Painless and Quick. Confidential. Abortion Pills. Free Delivery.

Termination Clinic. For Quick Abortion Pills At R599 Call/WhatsApp 0788603185

Abortion Clinic in Gauteng Abortion Clinic Main Branches in Main Cities. Good Services Guaranteed. We Deliver Free of Charge

When you Visit our Abortion clinics, the doctor or available nurse on duty will discuss the available Abortion options with you and also have some Pregnancy tests done to make sure how many months you are. Counselling will be provided should you have any doubts or questions about the medical Abortion and Post- Abortion support is as well given to all our clients should you require further support after having a Medical Abortion.    
WHATSAPP 0788603185

About Us

What are the side effects of abortion pills

You can expect to have some or all of the following symptoms: nausea or vomiting, diarrhoea, heavy bleeding and strong cramping. Usually these symptoms go away after 1-2 days, but some women experience bleeding for 1-2 days or as long as 30 days. It is important to be honest about what you can handle. We talk with each woman individually to provide realistic and accurate information so each patient can decide for herself.

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